Scooter Gennett’s four-homer game among baseball’s most improbable performances

Scooter Gennett joined an eclectic group Tuesday night: major leaguers who made history with out-of-nowhere one-game performances.

Gennett, the Reds’ utility man, became just the 17th MLB player in history to hit four home runs in a game. Of that group, he might be it’s most unlikely member. After Tuesday’s outburst vs. the Cardinals, he has 42 career homers over parts of five seasons.

They share a battleground over the definition of valuable,though. The Steelers went 2-1 without Bell, the Patriots 3-1 without Brady yet neither team would ever want to go through their absences again, certainly not now.

Roethlisberger and Brown shredded the Dolphins, and they ate up the Chiefs early in the season. But Bell was just as much a danger and did just as much damage over and over in each game. He’s the one who left the biggest bruise.

Hes the player the Chiefs have to keep in check to have a chance of slowing down the others, and the Steelers overall.

Bell is a longshot to be the MVP. You might have a hard time convincing the Chiefs of that, back in September and this week.

If he does, Ryan will earn his first ring, and move to 4-4 in his postseason career.

If he doesn’t, Brady wins his 5th Super Bowl, most in NFL history for a quarterback. Bart Starr won five NFL championships, but some were pre-Super Bowl era.

Regardless of the outcome, every postseason quarterback statistic points to one thing: Brady is the greatest quarterback in American professional football history.

No pressure, Matt Ryan.

NFL at odds with former exec over Cowboys’ unsportsmanlike huddle against Packers

Game Clay Matthews Jersey So, did officials incorrectly penalize the Cowboys for unsportsmanlike conduct after 12 players gathered in a huddle before a play against the Packers in Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff game?
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Michael Lombardi a former executive for the 49ers, Browns, Rams, Eagles, Raiders and Patriots said the NFL has privately told teams that officials in the game got the call wrong.

The too many men in the huddle call on Dallas for 15 yards was a mistake, Lombardi tweeted Thursday. (T)he league admitted this to teams…sorry…

Lombardi later tweeted he had spoken with two teams that were told by the league that officials made a mistake.

Leading up to Super Bowl LI, Microsoft is giving fans a chance to have a stake in the big game with a Custom Cleat Design Competition featuring the New England Patriots cornerback and Super Bowl XLIX champion Malcolm Butler and Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman. As part of the competition, both Butler and Freeman will each wear a pair of customized cleats during their pre-game warmups prior to the Super Bowl.

The cleat designs will be created by fans at Microsoft’s NFLX location in Houston, Texas from Saturday, Jan. 28 to Tuesday, Jan. 31 using Sketchable, a feature rich drawing app, on Microsoft’s new Surface Studio and Surface Hub devices. Fans will be able to take advantage of the creative elements and design tools available through Microsoft technology to potentially play a part in the cleats worn on the field before the game.

Once Butler and Freeman choose their favorite designs, world-renowned cleat artist Marcus Rivero will create the cleats live at the Microsoft space at NFLX on Thursday, Feb. 2 from 3-4 p.m. and 5-8 p.m.

East-West Shrine Game 2017: Rosters, weigh-in results

The East-West Shrine Game kicked off this week, with players arriving this past Sunday for a week-long process of weigh-ins, practices, NFL team interviewsand much more.

While weigh-ins don’t seem like the most important part of the all-star game experience, they are essential for NFL teams, as theyweedout players who don’t fit their ideal measurables, reveal players with remarkable body types in their projections, and startto make the prospects’ ability and upside clearer.
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I think when everything’s wrapped up, we can confirm things. But, what I can tell you is the commitment that Jed and the 49er organization have shown to me to make this thing come to fruition has been incredible. They identified that they wanted it to happen. They gauged my interest. I got things right with my family. I’m incredibly appreciative and fortunate in this world that things stayed quiet because what that did, it allowed me to truly assess this situation, to ask the tough questions, to just kind of get with the people that I’m going to be working with and any elephant in the room, just get rid of it and ask questions. I didn’t need the job. So, that gave me a great position to be able to kind of just be very forward and I asked those questions and I’m proud of the way that happened. I’m proud of the way they responded.

Jose Quintana Kids Jersey I didn’t want to put my family, a lot of people are saying why was it so important to be secretive I’ve had people ask me that. I wanted to be able to best evaluate this situation as it developed and I thought it would be much easier if I didn’t have the world breathing down my throat and most of all, it was out of respect to the people who employed me at FOX. But, more important than anything to my kids. My wife and I didn’t want to put them in a situation until there was something concrete.

Odubel Herrera can talk beisbol, so what ‘barriers’ are there, really?

So I read Mike Schmidt’s ridiculous misrepresented quote about Phillies center fielder Odubel Herrera, the one in which Schmidt said Herrera can’t become a cornerstone player or a vocal team leader because English is his second language.

I had beautiful moments with a man and I fell in love with a sense of humor and authentic soul that I wanted to spend my life with, Eck wrote. I also was physically and emotionally abused by this beautiful man. He gave me a lifestyle most people only dreamed of, but it came at a price. I am forever thankful for the joy, love and laughter he shared with me. I am also forever grateful for the darkness I experienced. Because of that, today is more full of light than I would have ever expected.

Limited Womens Marvin Jones Jr Jersey Norris denied the accusations later Wednesday and vowed to cooperate with the MLB investigation, saying the claims could not be further from the truth.

Limited Womens Ahmad Brooks Jersey First, I want to be absolutely clear that abuse of any form, is completely unacceptable, Norris said in a statement to the Tampa Bay Times sent via his agent. Allegations regarding this issue are a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. That being said, in this circumstance, the comments made by my ex-fiancee could not be further from the truth. I have NEVER been physically or emotionally abusive towards her, or anyone else in my life.

Those guys have more sub-package value at the moment.

The NFL were the only ones who didn’t see this coming, he says. Everyone knows that when Schakowsky gets hold of an issue, she has the tenacity of a bulldog.She never lets go.
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Let me tell ya, there are those moments,Durbin says now. The public is used to political figures and lawyers dancing around issues. But there come those moments in congressional history when the truth prevails.

His 78.8 passer rating was near the bottom of the league, and the Jaguars’ offense averaged less than 20 points after scoring 23.5 points per game in the year prior.

The best way to fix that? Put the guy behind all of the Patriots’ moves in charge of the Texans’ front office. Bill Belichick is someone who would probably rather die than retire, so this way, he can scale back his responsibilities while also working closely with coaching disciple Bill O’Brien. It’s a solution that works for everyone (except the Patriots).

Conventional wisdom would say, since Eagles have a bolstered pass rush and solid safeties in Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins, that Schwartz doesn’t need to play it so safe by going with his most experienced cornerbacks. Those would be holdover Ron Brooks and two newcomers, former Colt Patrick Robinson and former Jaguar Dwayne Gratz.
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Those guys have more sub-package value at the moment. Second-year seventh-rounder Jalen Mills, their top youngster, carries much more upside for the outside. While the team waits for rookie second-rounder Sidney Jones to be available from his unfortunate pre-draft torn Achilles’, don’t be surprised if rookie third-rounder Rasul Douglas gets the other starting nod, standing out with his size (6-2, 209 pounds) in man coverage.

The Eagles’ youth could serve up more big pass plays and struggle with top wideouts at times, but in turn, their pressure will allow them to gamble and make big plays on the ball, too.

Terrelle Pryor instructs agents to work out contract with Browns

oming off a 1,000-yard season in his first full year as a wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor would be attractive to several NFL teams as he looks for a new NFL contract.

But Pryor says he loves the Browns, and he’s reportedly told his agents to work out a deal with the team.

Pryor told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he wants to be part of the rebuilding process in Cleveland under coach Hue Jackson. The Browns finished 1-15 last season.

“I know this is an important month,” Pryor said. “But I do love being with the Browns and like I said before, this thing isn’t about joining a different team because a different team’s good.

And the New York Giants’ current backfield — and salary-cap — situation hasn’t gone unnoticed by the potential free-agent-to-be.

His latest pitch was a tweet late Wednesday, in which he noted “interesting moves” by the Giants.

Before you think Peterson was just following NFL roster moves (or maybe is a Victor Cruz fan), you should remember that he recently said on ESPN that the Giants are a team he has “thought about” playing for next season.

“I believe that I can be one of the best,” Smith said. “I’ve shown that in glimpses. What I’ve been searching for is consistency, and I think that consistency will lead me to be that great player that I always see myself being.”

While claiming he can be “one of the best” is bold, it’s a good sign because a quarterback needs that kind of confidence. And Smith is right when he says he needs consistency, because he hasn’t had that during his tenure in New York.


Top 5 Super Bowl halftime shows of all time

The list of legendary acts that have given the Super Bowl halftime their best shots is a long and prestigious one. Think of the best entertainers of all time — chances are they’ve performed at the big game.

For many performers, it’s the biggest worldwide audience of their careers. A mistake can be crushing. A jaw-dropping, flawless performance can leave a lasting impression on the entertainment world for years to come.

But I don’t feel comfortable playing under the franchise tag this year.

Berry, 28, played 2016 under the $10.8 million franchise tag. He recorded 77 tackles with four interceptions, two touchdowns and nine passes deflected while playing all 16 games.

The franchise tag number for his position would be roughly $13 million next season, but Berry wants long-term security — like most people would.

Both sides are working hard on a getting a deal done to avoid a messy holdout.

The Steelers have never been big players in free agency, and even with additional cap room, that probably won’t change this year. The Steelers generally max out in the $5 million range in free agency, which, depending on position, means second- and third-tier players.

Game Womens Tarik Cohen Jersey So to expect them to sign a big-name pass-rusher or cornerback probably is a mistake. Their cap room more likely affords them the ability to sign two or three of those mid-grade players rather than just one.
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Pittsburgh then will hope those players, along with its draft picks, will be enough to make the leap to the Super Bowl.

Harper swings a bat with controlled brutality

Intimidation: So, you just chucked a baseball at someone and left a big bruise. The recipient of that bruise is pissed off and comes charging at you. Who would you less want to see?

Machado is a listed 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds. Harper is also 6-3, but carries a significant weight advantage at 230 pounds. Do you even lift, Machabro?

Harper swings a bat with controlled brutality. But he also has a sensitive side.

Machado famously models himself after Alex Rodriguez, whose closest acts of violence on a baseball field were slapping a ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove and getting punked by Jason Varitek after being hit with an Arroyo pitch earlier that season.

For every baseball aficionado who can easily name all members of the 600 Home Run Club, there are legions more who forget about Thome’s offensive prowess.

Oh, yeah. Jim Thome. Duh.

Game Youth David Perron Jersey This is probably because, for many years, Thome wasn’t even the best player on his team. His early big years with the Indians were often overshadowed by players with bigger numbers (Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez) and/or by those with more swagger or attitude (Belle, Ramirez, David Justice). So Thome’s contributions, while noticed and appreciated by Cleveland’s fans, quickly evaporated from the minds of many other fans.
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But contribute he did, even if he never quite got the timing right.

Sheldon Richardson can’t stop taking shots at former Jets teammate Brandon Marshall

They already own the team, so why not make the GM a member of the community, too? Packers fans love their team, and you’d better believe that if given the reins, they’d find a way to be successful. Of course, a lot of the decisions would also probably be crowdsourced.

Sheldon Richardson was never shy about making his disgust for Brandon Marshall public when the two were teammates. Now that Marshall is no longer a Jet, he’s still taking shots at the mercurial wide receiver.

Richardson, who once told Marshall “he should be embarrassed” after New York suffered a 41-3 loss at the hands of the Patriots, ripped the wideout again Tuesday. When asked what has changed in the locker room between this season and last, the big defensive lineman made a not-so-veiled jab at his former teammate.

“I enjoy being here,” Richardson said, via Connor Hughes of “Locker room is a whole lot easier to get along with now.”

When reporters prodded him on why, the lineman took the bait.

“Let’s just say there are 15 reasons why it’s better.”

Marshall has worn No. 15 with three of his four franchises he’s played with, including the Jets.

Tom Brady plays as Seahawks and Packers in ‘Madden,’ because his son keeps picking Patriots

It was announced on Friday that Tom Brady will be on the cover of Madden NFL 18: G.O.A.T Edition, which is either great or worrisome, depending on whether you believe in the Madden Curse (Brady does not.) In the wake of this news, Brady revealed a bit about his history with the Madden franchise that isn’t just as a playable character in the game.
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In an interview with ESPN, Brady revealed he used to work out at Electronic Arts’ gym, since they were located in his hometown, and he had a family friend that worked there. He also revealed that whenever he plays Madden with his son Jack, most times he has to face the video game version of Tom Brady and the Patriots:

J.J. Watt missed almost all of the 2016 season after undergoing a second back surgery to repair a herniated disc. Texans fans should be happy to know that Watt’s back is just fine. Watt even felt good enough to win the home run derby associated with his annual charity softball game.

No, I feel fantastic, Watt said about his recovery, via the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson. I’ve done more core work in the past eight months than I think just about anybody in the world. My core is about as tight and locked in as it can get at the moment. So, I’m feeling all right swinging the bat.

Watt not only won the home run derby, but he also homered to help the defense beat the offense with a final score of 9-3.

Watt hosts this softball game every year to benefit his foundation, which provides opportunities for middle school children to get involved in athletics.
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He’s clearly healthy enough to dominate on the softball field. Watt has also been medically cleared to play football, and that’s good news for the Texans.