Washington makes Trey Quinn this year’s Mr. Irrelevant

Washington had the honor of making the final pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, and added some depth at wide receiver.

With the 256th overall pick, Washington chose Southern Methodist wide receiver Trey Quinn.

The Lions claimed they did a standard employee background check on Patricia and the incident was not uncovered. Lions owner Rod Wood said he was unaware of the charge until the newspaper contacted the team for comment.

The Ravens, who dealt up to get him with the final pick of the first round, were no exception.

Baltimore, in fact, did plenty of work in that regard, and it was that planning that led to a real milestone in the vetting process, which set the stage for what happened on that Thursday night in Texas.

Jones opened up about hisbiggest regret, which is that he wasn’t able to build a championship team while Romo and Witten were still playing.

There’s no doubt that the personal feeling I have about what Tony Romo and Jason Witten brought to the Cowboys during their career, I don’t think I’ve had a moment in the day that at some time I don’t reflect back on those good years and what they contributed, Jones said, per Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk.

And I’ve said this: From my standpoint, I can’t help but say, ‘Boy, I really dropped the ball not doing enough to get them in a Super Bowl. That will be and is my biggest regret about my time with the Cowboys.

Jones certainly gambled on more than one occasion trying to win a title with those guys. But all too often, the decisions that were made ended up being ill advised, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The team’s offense was absolutely loaded for a while, especially when DeMarco Murray was teamed up with Romo, Witten and Dez Bryant. But in the end Dallas was never able to get past divisional round.sabres_073