Vikings sign coach Mike Zimmer to contract extension

Mike Zimmer built a solid reputation as a defensive coordinator over the course of his NFL career, but it took him 20 years to become a head coach in the NFL. Now, just two years after the Minnesota Vikings hired him to fill that role, Zimmer has received a contract extension.

Unofficially, check out this Riley Dixon Authentic Womens Jersey little piece of Fisher coach-speak from a radio interview he did in June, talking about Goff:

“We’re not going to rush him. He’s a quick learner. He’s got a special and arm and vision, and he’s going to play sooner than I think a lot of people think. We’re not going to put him in position to fail. We want him to be successful.”
They’re not going to rush him, but he’s totally way ahead of where everyone thinks he is.

Word of warning, Goff is the fourth Russell Okung Authentic Womens Jersey quarterback of the future Fisher’s promised since starting his four-year run of sub-.500 seasons with the Rams.

A couple of weeks ago, this looked like the most legitimate quarterback competition of all. Doug Pederson declared that Carson Wentz just wasn’t ready and would be third on the depth chart.

We should have known better. He’s since softened that stance, telling the media that he wants Wentz to be “starter ready” by Week 1. Forgive Pederson, he’s a rookie head coach who forgot how these things are supposed to work.

One thing Bradford’s done consistently throughout his NFL career, the only thing, is wow people in camp. I would expect him to be the Eagles starter when the season begins. There are two other things Bradford’s done consistently throughout his career: get injured and watch his play go wildly up and down from week to week and quarter to quarter. Wentz should have the job sewn up by the end of September.

There’s another question that doesn’t get asked in the camp “competitions” to anoint highly drafted rookies: what if the guy stinks? Camps aren’t set up for players to fail, but it’s possible that a first-rounder shows he’s just not ready for the job. If that’s the case, then the team’s got another quarterback battle on the horizon, a very serious problem.

Last year the Jets had a quarterback battle between Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick that lasted for about two weeks, when a sucker punch put Smith on the shelf and settled the matter.

Until Wednesday when the team finally re-signed Fitzpatrick, the Jets were on this list again. It would have been the fourth season in a row that the Jets kicked off camp with a question about who would be their starter.

Fitzpatrick isn’t the long-term solution the Jets have been seeking since Mark Sanchez butt fumbled his way to infamy — he’s a temporary fix. For the Browns, who have had 24 different starting quarterbacks since 1999, they’re just hoping RG3 can give them any sense of stability.

When it comes to the position, stability is the next-best thing to the absolute certainty a team gets from bona fide franchise guys.

If your team is having a quarterback battle this month, a real one, you have our condolences.