The Cowboys were reportedly unable to hire Jason Michael as their new tight ends coach. The Cardinals were able to seal the deal.

A source told Sporting News on Tuesday that Michael will be joining the staff of new Arizona head coach Steve Wilks. He will replace Rick Christophel, who wasn’t retained by Wilks.

Brees had his NFL career put into jeopardy in 2006 by a torn rotator cuff. That same year, Foles would suffer the same injury.

The start of Foles’ senior season was rough to begin with. One of his best friends was offensive lineman Matt Nader, who collapsed on the sideline during a game because of a previously unknown heart condition.

“His heart actually stopped,” Long said of Nader, a University of Texas recruit who was never able to play again. “They had to resuscitate him on the sideline. That was a really traumatic experience for Nick and the whole team. It took a little bit of time to work our way through that.”

After psychologically recovering from that near-tragedy, Foles himself suffered a physical setback while playing the following week against rival Austin High.

Then after Patricia officially took the job in Detroit, reported Schiano had accepted the Patriots’ defensive coordinator position. However, Wednesday, Fox Sports is reporting those rumors are false. Schiano is staying at Ohio State.

This is just another bizarre moment in hirings surrounding the Patriots in the last couple of days. Josh McDaniels now-infamously reengaged on his commitment to the Colts Tuesday and now Schiano is spurning the Patriots to stay in college.

Some would say “you reap what you sow” and the Patriots are certainly in that boat right now.

There were plenty of doubters when Nick Foles began his improbable journey to becoming a Super Bowl MVP.

Derek Long knew better.

As his head coach at Westlake (Texas) High School in Austin, Long saw first-hand the physical and mental toughness Foles exhibited during a challenging senior season in 2006. The experience helped shape the man Foles would later become and lay the character groundwork for future success.