I thought it was something that goes back to the Civil War or something historical like a regional thing.

I asked the woman who was leading us around, How long has this Duval chant been going on? And she was like, Oh, that was this thing this linebacker came up with six years ago. So this chant isn’t even 10 years old! And it was just completely adopted by this region of the country.
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I didn’t know that. It’s like a parody of itself.
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Youth Lance Lynn Jersey But not even! We are making fun of team, and now we have to somewhat recalibrate, now that they’re a winning playoff football team. But I feel for fans, because I’m a Timberwolves fan, so it’s a similar thing. It’s been nothing but terrible basketball for years and years and years. This is the first year the Timberwolves have been good. It’s an exciting time. So for the people there in Jacksonville, they were so happy.

There’s something very funny about you and Manny at the game, but Manny’s there as Jason, but Jason’s Jason Spriggs Youth jersey dead, but there he is. How are you going to deal now that the Jags aren’t totally sucking? How is the storyline going to evolve?

That’s a great question. There’s a sadness there that Jason was dead, so he didn’t get to see any of this happen. Maybe there’s a way we can remedy that. Maybe there’s somehow a magical TV where he can watch the football game. When we were at the game, Manny and I were like, Wow, it’s kind of sad Jason can’t see this.

With no shot of the Vikings playing in the Super Bowl at their home stadium, ticket prices on resale sites for the Feb. 4 showdown between the Eagles and Patriots slightly dropped.

After the game, huge crowds gathered in neighborhoods around the city cheering and chanting.

Earlier in the day, workers in Philadelphia who jokingly called themselves the Crisco Cops greased light poles to try to prevent fans from climbing up them after the game.

During the fourth quarter, Philadelphia police posted an image of Crisco on Twitter. While urging fans to celebrate responsibly, they wrote, Now comes the time in the night where we must warn everyone about the dangers of Saturated Fats.