East-West Shrine Game 2017: Rosters, weigh-in results

The East-West Shrine Game kicked off this week, with players arriving this past Sunday for a week-long process of weigh-ins, practices, NFL team interviewsand much more.

While weigh-ins don’t seem like the most important part of the all-star game experience, they are essential for NFL teams, as theyweedout players who don’t fit their ideal measurables, reveal players with remarkable body types in their projections, and startto make the prospects’ ability and upside clearer.
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I think when everything’s wrapped up, we can confirm things. But, what I can tell you is the commitment that Jed and the 49er organization have shown to me to make this thing come to fruition has been incredible. They identified that they wanted it to happen. They gauged my interest. I got things right with my family. I’m incredibly appreciative and fortunate in this world that things stayed quiet because what that did, it allowed me to truly assess this situation, to ask the tough questions, to just kind of get with the people that I’m going to be working with and any elephant in the room, just get rid of it and ask questions. I didn’t need the job. So, that gave me a great position to be able to kind of just be very forward and I asked those questions and I’m proud of the way that happened. I’m proud of the way they responded.

Jose Quintana Kids Jersey I didn’t want to put my family, a lot of people are saying why was it so important to be secretive I’ve had people ask me that. I wanted to be able to best evaluate this situation as it developed and I thought it would be much easier if I didn’t have the world breathing down my throat and most of all, it was out of respect to the people who employed me at FOX. But, more important than anything to my kids. My wife and I didn’t want to put them in a situation until there was something concrete.