Top 5 Super Bowl halftime shows of all time

The list of legendary acts that have given the Super Bowl halftime their best shots is a long and prestigious one. Think of the best entertainers of all time — chances are they’ve performed at the big game.

For many performers, it’s the biggest worldwide audience of their careers. A mistake can be crushing. A jaw-dropping, flawless performance can leave a lasting impression on the entertainment world for years to come.

But I don’t feel comfortable playing under the franchise tag this year.

Berry, 28, played 2016 under the $10.8 million franchise tag. He recorded 77 tackles with four interceptions, two touchdowns and nine passes deflected while playing all 16 games.

The franchise tag number for his position would be roughly $13 million next season, but Berry wants long-term security — like most people would.

Both sides are working hard on a getting a deal done to avoid a messy holdout.

The Steelers have never been big players in free agency, and even with additional cap room, that probably won’t change this year. The Steelers generally max out in the $5 million range in free agency, which, depending on position, means second- and third-tier players.

Game Womens Tarik Cohen Jersey So to expect them to sign a big-name pass-rusher or cornerback probably is a mistake. Their cap room more likely affords them the ability to sign two or three of those mid-grade players rather than just one.
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Pittsburgh then will hope those players, along with its draft picks, will be enough to make the leap to the Super Bowl.