Chris Sale leaves behind the only pitching coach he’s ever had as a pro

“When the Cubs pitched around him, if he was someone who had greater maturity and self-control — which I think he will still develop — he would’ve said, ‘F— it, if they’re gonna walk me, I’ll take it.’ But what he did was, he started to feel like he needed to produce and be the guy.”

“Hitting is the funnest part of baseball,” Thomas says. “That was probably the first time in Bryce’s life where, for an entire series, he didn’t get the opportunity to hit, where he didn’t get the opportunity to compete. Some people look at it and say it was the greatest strategy of all time. Other people think it’s crap because you’re not competing. All I know is, when you take the bat out of somebody’s hand — especially somebody that’s as competitive as Bryce is — it’s bound to have some kind of effect.”

Game Womens Lance Stephenson Jersey Because Sale spent only one month in the minors after being drafted in 2010, Cooper is practically the only coach he has ever had as a professional. When Sale gets into a jam on the mound, Cooper’s voice usually is the one he hears in his head. They grew so close over the years that they practically finished one another’s sentences.

“Coop knows me better than I know myself,” Sale said Tuesday.

Following his trade from Chicago, Chris Sale leaves behind the only pitching coach he’s ever had as a pro. Can he forge the same sort of bonds in Boston?
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And so, as he settles into spring training with the Boston Red Sox after a blockbuster trade two months ago, Sale’s biggest immediate challenge will be developing a rapport with Boston pitching coach Carl Willis, director of pitching development Brian Bannister and even manager John Farrell, a former pitching coach.